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Do PR Pros Suffer from Flavor-of-the-Month Syndrome?

By Maury Tobin

As the owner of a firm that produces written content, audio and video podcasts and Radio Media Tours (RMTs), I believe many PR professionals look for the magic bullet, which can get them stuck on certain tactics.

But effective PR shouldn’t just be about embracing the latest fad.

Social media, enter stage left.

Our profession is hyper-focused on this medium, but we’re like giddy teens on a first date as we’re trying to figure out how to act and what to do.

Public relations should be about developing a range of skills and tactics to help you communicate in a variety of ways and situations. Sometimes it’s a time-sensitive campaign. Other times, it’s continuous, as in the case of managing your organization’s reputation.

The reality is there is no reigning method of the moment.

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